Project-Based Learning in the Classroom

Use these comprehensive and resource filled lesson plans in your classroom to solve and support the Real World Challenges

Use any of the lesson plans on this page to guide your high school classroom's project-based learning experience.

Lesson Plan 1
Lesson 1

Overview of Project-Based Learning

Lesson One Resources

Labour Market and PBL Resources

Use these labour market resources to find solutions to any one of the Real World Challenges

Updated regularly. Resource availability in French and English where indicated.

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Resources that connect you with a person or organization

Online LMI resources to use or offer in class

Resources to print and use with your group

PBL Ideas

Connect with a Subject Matter Expert

Contact Becca McCarthy to connect with a growing list of subject matter experts who can speak to your class about a particular labour market challenge, to the labour market itself, or to career development at large.

Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence connect students to expert knowledge through virtual and experiential learning, using labour market information to inform the futures of selected industries in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Multicultural Council

NBMC is an organization that connects newcomers, and New Brunswick residents to employment, skills and cultural programs across New Brunswick. Available in English and French.


This lesson plan has been developed to support youth in making decisions. You might find this resource useful when your class is defining their challenge, and potential solutions! Available in English and French.

Careers Atlantic Canada

Basics of LMI

Labour Market Information (LMI) is information about jobs and the people who do those jobs. Learn about the basics in a student-centred way. Available in English and French

Explore LMI

Visualize labour market information across Canada through news articles, wages, job postings, occupations and outlooks. Available in English and French.

Experiential Learning Depot

100 End Product Ideas to Demonstrate Learning

"Do you need innovative ideas for projects that have creative end products to demonstrate learning? Sometimes we just need something to reference for final project ideas. This blog post is a laundry list of interesting and creative project final product ideas that students and teachers can browse for inspiration."

Career Under Construction: Investing in You

This module can be delivered in class, and has been developed to support youth in pursuing their own career (career planning, résumés, and interviews). The last lesson in this teaching module focuses on the changing nature of work, and includes talking points and resources that can offer context to your students! Available in English and French.

Access comprehensive labour market information on sectors and occupations in New Brunswick. Available in English and French.


Spinndle uses student-centered technology to guide students through independent projects (PBL) without taking away their agency.

New Brunswick Chambers of Commerce

Search for the chamber of commerce in your community.

Co-operative Enterprise Council

ECNB provides a wide range of services to co-ops and social enterprises and works closely with government and partners on special projects and to bring about new programs, resources, and policies.

Globe and Mail

Next Gen Edition

The NextGen Edition provides selected articles from The Globe and Mail that are relevant for children, their parents and teachers. Topics include Careers, Economy, Education, and Business and Entrepreneurship, among others.

CCDF / VOCO Training Centre

Researching a Purchase

This activity looks at how we naturally research and use the information to make decisions. When you tell others you tell others your "researching a purchase" story, they may have had different questions and different go-to sources. What this shows is that we all have similarities and differences in using the information to make a choice and that there is no one right method. Use this activity to begin a dialogue about the importance of research in career planning specifically. Available in English and French.

Download the English Resource

Download the French Resource

Careers Atlantic Canada

LMI Terminology

To help job seekers understand the many factors that can influence the labour market, it is important to break down the terms and language often found in sources that provide Labour Market Information. Available in English and French.

Download the English Resource

Download the French Resource

Videos to Help Support Learning

These videos may help you understand the topic of LMI, offer student research support, or be useful to your lesson plans.

Updated regularly. Language indicated.

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The Labour Market


Real World Challenges



The Labour Market

Discover the labor market in a fictional country where an industry is faced with a shock of innovation.


How to Choose Keywords

This video explains how to choose keywords for database searching when doing research.


New Brunswick: A New Perspective on Opportunity

Newcomers are helping communities grow



Le marché du travail

Partez à la découverte du marché du travail dans un pays fictif où un secteur d'activité se trouve confronté à un choc d'innovation.


Choisir des mots-clés et trouver des synonymes


Nouveau-Brunswick: Une perspective nouvelle, des occasions à saisir.

Le Réseau en immigration francophone du Nouveau-Brunswick.