Workshop 4


While not every student solution will be presented live to employees at the Government of New Brunswick, students should have the opportunity to present their solutions to their teacher. This workshop supports quality communication and presentation, showcasing their potential solution, and offering a platform for their solution product/prototype to be showcased.

What Students learn
  • Students learn what makes a good pitch, and some tips on how to pitch well.
  • Activities:
    • Learn about pitching, and structuring a presentation to others.
    • Teachers will lead time independently of the workshop to allow students to pitch their solutions and presentation to the teacher and classmates. A rubric is offered for both teachers and students to give and recieve feedback
    • The best solutions and pitches can be submitted to be pitched a second time, live to the Government of New Brunswick on May 15th, 2024. 
For Teachers

This workshop includes extension activities that you can use in your classroom, independent of the student modules. 

Using the developed Project-Based Learning workshop supports your facilitation and guidance of these student-driven modules.

A rubric is included in this workshop that you can share with students before they pitch their presentation. Knowing what students will be evaluated on will help focus their energy and pitch. This rubric can be helpful to 'score' presentations, and submit the best group to present live.

To learn more about how this project is connected to the New Brunswick Career Education Framework click here.

Approximate Time to Complete

1 - 2 hours

Key Terms

  • Audience

    An audience is a group of people that is watching a presentation. In these workshops, the ultimate audience for student's pitches and presentations are Government of New Brunswick employees at PETL.

  • Communication

    Communication is about understanding and sharing meaning in different situations and with various people for different reasons. Good communication means knowing about the world around you, including local and global views, cultures, and being able to use different ways of sharing information safely and responsibly, including online.

  • Pitch

    A pitch is a persuasive, short presentation that quickly outlines all the important things a person wants to share on a specific topic. Pitches can be used to sell a product (like on the TV Show Shark Tank, or Dragon’s Den), or to convince an employer that someone is the best person for a job.

  • Solution Statement

    A solution statement offers a response to a challenge. It considers who the solution is for, and who can help us; How the solution will look in real life, and how the solution makes a difference; and why the solution is a good idea.

Workshop Four: Pitch and Present

To educators: select from below how you would like to facilitate this workshop. The options include:

  1. PowerPoint slide deck with facilitator notes for delivery
  2. Video recording of PowerPoint slide deck narrated by CCDF. Push pause when prompted and whenever you see appropriate to facilitate classroom activities and discussion.
  3. Utilize a combination of self-facilitated and video recording.
  4. Preview video recording as a way to guide how you would like to facilitate using the PowerPoint slide deck.

ACTIVITY: pitch and present

Pitch Rubric


Organizing a pitch presentation is an exciting way for students to share their creative ideas. To make sure everyone understands and does well, we have a special rubric. It's like a checklist with different parts, like how clear the presentation is, how well they explain the problem, and if their solution is good. The rubric also looks at how they use visuals and if the presentation is interesting for the audience. Students and teachers will use this rubric to give feedback and help each other get better.

Teachers will need to spend time outside this workshop for class-wide pitch presentations and feedback.

Pitch Plan


Now that students have spent a significant amount of time working on their solution statement and have started to develop a pitch to present, it's time to make this pitch a presentation!

The following worksheets will support students in clearly mapping out their pitch and preparing for their presentation by assisting them in:

  • considering their audience and how they want to engage them (pitch plan)
  • ensuring they have considered all the necessary elements (pitch checklist)
  • engaging them in considering their solution more deeply (structuring and pitching my solution)
  • concisely structuring all the pieces (sort your structure)



Once all your students have presented their solutions to you and the rest of the class, you may wish to submit one or two of the best solutions to present live on May 15th to the Government of New Brunswick. Not all submissions will be accepted. All submissions will be reviewed and considered by PETL.

Contact Emily Worthen ( by May 3rd to submit the presentations your class would like to be considered for the presentation to PETL on May 15th. 

  • Student pitches should be professional

    Not all students may pitch to PETL, but students should take their pitch seriously.

Questions? Ask Away!

Do you have a question you want to ask the people who work at PETL?

Ask your questions about the labour market, what PETL does to support career exploration in the province, or anything else that you think would help your class come up with the best solutions you can!

This could be the names of the student submitting, the classroom subject, or if students have been creative, the name of their solution group!
This email should not be a student email. The project manager will only respond to messages sent from teachers.
What would you like to know more about that PETL could answer questions on? Anything related to solving the challenge posed, or developing a solution! Your question will be forwarded directly to PETL.

Moving on

Once students have completed their pitch, they are ready to learn if their submission is accepted for the final presentation in May, and complete the student wrap up survey.

Students should have:

  • Developed a pitch presentation (5 minutes long)
  • Prepared for questions (2 minutes)
  • Know the expectations for pitching and presenting to the government

The student and teacher wrap up surveys are available next.

Extension activities

Looking for more activities that can support this workshop? Browse the resources below. Some can be facilitated, and some are great supporting tools, activities or videos!

Extension Resources and Activities for this Workshop


Example Presentation for Project Based Learning

Are students uncertain about what a short pitch would look like for their solution? This one minute video could get them on the right path.

  • Activity Length: >2 minutes
  • Best Shared During: Explain