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Real World Labour Market Challenges

Connecting teachers and classrooms to project-based learning and information that affects communities, and careers.


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Addressing a Real World Labour Market Challenge is an engaging and active way to integrate project-based learning in the classroom.


Take the online modules to support career-connected classroom practice.



Choose and use any of the offered lesson plans in your classroom.


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Students jump into the challenges, problem-solving using LMI and their own unique career perspectives.



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The Real World Labour Market Challenge is a collaborative project

Created as a response to a growing need for career education integrated throughout the curriculum. The Real World Labour Market Challenges allow students to see themselves outside of the classroom, to understand their role in the labour market, and use information that directly affects their communities, and their careers.


This project has been developed and is maintained jointly by the Government of New Brunswick's Departments of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD), the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour (PETL), and the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF).

Online Modules

Career Connected Learning

These professional learning modules are designed to support educators in preparing learners for the future and to help to level the playing field for marginalized groups of learners such as indigenous, newcomers, LGBTQI2S+, low-socioeconomic, and students with disabilities. Three Career Connected modules are required to participate in the Real World LMI Challenge, and are essential to the success of the provided lesson plans, and your classroom projects.

Note: Only New Brunswick educators will be able to receive the certificates and/or digital badges for completion of modules

Module One

Module 1: Introduction & myBlueprint

Module Two

Module 2: Labour Market Information

Module Three

Module 3: Experiential Learning

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