Workshop 1


Learn about the role that the Government of New Brunswick plays in the labour market, in the work/employment decisions that are made every day. Begin to think about a labour market challenge that the Government of New Brunswick's Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour (PETL) faces, and consider what PETL is already doing to address the challenge.

What you learn
  • Students will identify and analyze the current challenges faced by New Brunswick in attracting and retaining young talent.
  • Activities:
    • Learn about PETL and the challenge they are inviting students to solve
    • Group discussion on challenges faced by New Brunswick in retaining young talent
    • Group activity analyzing data on youth retention initiatives in New Brunswick and other provinces
For Teachers

This workshop includes extension activities that you can use in your classroom, independent of the student modules. 

Using the developed Project-Based Learning workshop supports your facilitation and guidance of these student-driven modules.

To learn more about how this project is connected to the New Brunswick Career Education Framework click here.

Approximate Time to Complete

1 - 2 hours

Key Terms

  • Career

    A person's career is about their journey through life, learning, and work. A career includes work, employment, and volunteer activities. It also considers training, certifications, and learning that you've completed. 

  • Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour

    The Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour (PETL) is a department within the Government of New Brunswick. The goal of PETL is to help people in New Brunswick live, learn, and work happily. They want everyone to have the skills and knowledge they need in a fair, safe, and welcoming place. The department also wants to have a smart, skilled, and hardworking group of people through new and helpful programs. They want to make New Brunswick a successful and prosperous province.

  • Demographics

    Demographics share information on the characteristics of a population. This information may include details on age, gender, marital status, employment rates, income and education.

  • Government of New Brunswick

    The government of New Brunswick helps make rules and decisions for the province. The leader is called a premier. The group, or assembly, creates laws, and the premier and their team work to put those laws into action. They make sure things run well in the province. The Government of New Brunswick (GNB) is the largest employer in the province.

  • Labour Market Demand

    Labour demand (or the demand for labour) is has two components. There is total labour demand, which refers to the number of employed individuals + the number of job vacancies, and there is unmet labour demand, which refers only to the number of job vacancies.

  • Labour Market Information

    Labour Market Information (LMI) is information about work, and the people who work. 

  • Labour Market Supply

    Labour supply (or the supply of labour) is the number of current workers, job seekers, and potential workers in the labour market.

  • Occupation

    An occupation is a job that someone does based on what they like and the skills they have. They might search for a job in that field, want to keep working in it, or even turn it into a profession if it needs special licenses or certifications.

  • Trends

    Refers to employment patterns based on the collection of data and statistics to predict movement in/ changes to employment opportunities over a period of time.


To educators: select from below how you would like to facilitate this workshop. The options include:

  1. PowerPoint slide deck with facilitator notes for delivery
  2. Video recording of PowerPoint slide deck narrated by CCDF. Push pause when prompted and whenever you see appropriate to facilitate classroom activities and discussion.
  3. Utilize a combination of self-facilitated and video recording.
  4. Preview video recording as a way to guide how you would like to facilitate using the PowerPoint slide deck.


Activities and Opportunities in New Brunswick


Explore the challenger (PETL) and how the challenge looks to them. Get to know PETL and what they offer the public of New Brunswick. See the different ways that they are already addressing the challenge through programs, provincial acts, and more!

Download the worksheet below, and learn about what the largest employer in New Brunswick is doing to support employment in the province.

⬇️ Start your research at


  • Use more than one source of LMI

  • Consider the world around us and different public initiatives

    There is often quite a bit that can influence career decisions outside of home and school.

Activities and Opportunities in New Brunswick

Do you have a question you want to ask the people who work at PETL?

Ask your questions about the labour market, what PETL does to support career exploration in the province, or anything else that you think would help your class come up with the best solutions you can!

This could be the names of the student submitting, the classroom subject, or if students have been creative, the name of their solution group!
This email should not be a student email. The project manager will only respond to messages sent from teachers.
What would you like to know more about that PETL could answer questions on? Anything related to solving the challenge posed, or developing a solution! Your question will be forwarded directly to PETL.

Moving on

Once students have completed their worksheets, they are ready to move on to the next workshop!

They should have

  • Been introduced to the labour market challenge posed by PETL
  • A clear picture of the role of PETL
  • An understanding of the decisions that PETL makes to support the residents of New Brunswick's working lives
  • Knowledge of the labour market, and who participates in the labour market.

Extension activities

Looking for more activities that can support this workshop? Browse the resources below. Some can be facilitated, and some are great supporting tools, activities or videos!

Challenge Video - Standalone


Extension Resources and Activities for this Workshop

SOURCE: ABC Life Literacy

Issues and Politics

Rank political issues in order of importance to you. Begin to see a snapshot of the many different ways that governments affect your life, not just employment and education!

  • Activity Length: >20 minutes
  • Best Shared During: Engage

WorkingNB Video

Watch a short video that describes WorkingNB, a PETL initiative

  • Length: 15 Seconds
  • Best Shared During: Engage or Explain Sections

Partnership Works

A short video that features a partnership between WorkingNB (PETL) and the Chamber of Commerce in Campbellton and Chaleur. These two organizations saw a labour market need and found a solution to solve it. The need they saw was for small businesses to know more about marketing their goods and services.

  • Length: < 3 Minutes
  • Best Shared During: Explore Section

What is LMI Video

Watch a short video that briefly describes what you can find in LMI.

  • Length: 1 minute
  • Best Shared During: Explain

Economic Trends

A video that details some of the economic trends facing Canada (including New Brunswick) as it emerges from the pandemic. While this video offers a federal perspective, these trends affect New Brunswickers as well. This video shares different kinds of labour market and economic trends that support the explanation of demographic trends in this workshop.

  • Length: 5 minutes
  • Best Shared During: Explain or Elaborate
SOURCE: Cité de l'Économie

What is the Labour Market?

A video that explains what the labour market is, and how it works using a fictional country as an example.

  • Length: 6 minutes
  • Best Shared During: Explore or Explain