Workshop Introduction

Overview & Introduction

Through these online modules, students will learn about the relationship between themselves and the labour market. They will explore, identify, and implement a solution to a labour market challenge, and share their solutions and recommendations with the Government of New Brunswick through a final product and presentation.

These workshops are built on the principles of project-based learning and all activities can be done as individuals, in groups or as a class. All the information that you'll need to start, finish, and submit your final product is available in each of the workshops. Start here, at the introduction, and then complete the rest of the workshops in order. Each workshop is designed to be completed within 45 minutes to an hour. Workshops have four sections (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate) that are four natural checkpoints to stop at, especially if your class is doing an extension exercise.

On each workshop page there is:

  • a hosted video with four sections that can be started and stopped at any point
  • a downloadable PowerPoint presentation with notes to be facilitated fully by the teacher
  • a key terms list for each workshop
  • a list of questions to explore for each workshop for curious students
  • at least one workshop-specific activity that supports exploration of the workshop's topic, career exploration, and the labour market
  • extension activities or resources for students or classrooms who are looking for more
  • a question form for students or teachers who have a question they would like to ask the organization posing the Real World Challenge. All submitted questions will receive a response.

At a Glance

Here you'll find a brief overview of all 4 workshops in the Real World LMI Challenge series at a glance. It may be useful to find a topic easily.

Workshop 1 - Choose New Brunswick?

Learn about the role that the Government of New Brunswick plays in the labour market, in the work/employment decisions that are made every day. Begin to think about a labour market challenge that the Government of New Brunswick's Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour (PETL) faces, and consider what PETL is already doing to address the challenge.

Workshop 2 - Investigating Opportunities

In order to be effective to students, Labour Market Information (LMI) must become meaningful and personal. Students will have an opportunity to explore what the labour market means to them, learn about the kind of information that can be found in LMI, and understand how LMI can inform career decisions inside, and outside of the province of New Brunswick.

Workshop 3 - Develop a Solution

Now that students understand the labour market challenge and its context, and have made the labour market meaningful to them, it's time to start developing a solution. This workshop asks students to begin to look at how the research they have done to date can inform a solution, and offers students an outline and structure to plan how they'll implement their solution, and what needs to happen.

Workshop 4 - Pitch and Present

While not every student solution will be presented live to employees at the Government of New Brunswick, students should have the opportunity to present their solutions to their teacher. This workshop supports quality communication and presentation, showcasing their potential solution, and offering a platform for their solution product/prototype to be showcased.

What You Need

  • Desktop or Laptop Computer

  • Internet Connection

  • Keyboard, Mouse, or Trackpad

  • Headphones

  • Printer

  • Pens and Pencils

  • Creative Resources

The creative resource you need will depend on the final product that you choose. The resources could be PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Canva, Instagram, art supplies, or something else specific to a creative final product.


Each workshop has various facilitation options and associated resources. Teachers can choose to present the materials in the way that makes the most sense for their class.

Teachers can select the timeframe that works best within their class schedule to facilitate the four workshops.

Suggested Timeline


Registration Opens

Commit to take the Real World Labour Market Challenge by contacting us. The project team will support you every step of the way.

Participate in the Workshops

Workshop materials become available on March 11th, 2024. Classes can engage in the 4 workshops at anytime between March 11th and the end of April.  Together, your classroom will problem-solve and propose a solution to a Real World Challenge offered by the Government of New Brunswick by May 3rd.

Submit Your Class Pitch

After completing the workshops your class will have presented their LMI-based solutions, examples, and strategies. Your class will select one pitch to present as a solution to senior provincial leadership. The workshops and modules will support your classroom's preparation for their final presentation.

Celebrate Together

The solutions to the Real World Labour Market Challenges that your classroom addresses will be awesome! Wrap up the challenge with your class, in a final pitch event attended by senior government leaders. Selected student groups will be presenting their pitch. Students complete a survey to share with GNB and CCDF their experience to keep the Challenges going year after year. Their feedback will directly inform future Challenges!