Celebrate Solutions

Congratulations to Students Who Completed the Real World Challenge!

This year, over 20 Career Connected teachers registered to participate in the Challenge. Here are some of the incredible solutions their students came up with!

Would you like to submit your students' solutions to be celebrated by the Real World Challenge community?

  • Record a video of them presenting their solution pitch or provide their written solution with their names and group pictures
  • Get your participating students to fill out the required Release Form to permit us to post their solutions publicly
  • Reach out to Emily Worthen (e.worthen@ccdf.ca) and she will provide information on how to submit the solutions and release forms

Real World Challenge Solutions

Keep Youth in New Brunswick

by Mirinda Doucette and Addison Pleadwell from Miramichi Valley High School

Their Real World Solutions to keep youth in New Brunswick are:

  • Implement and expand programs such as MyBlueprint, ChatterHigh and the Real World Labour Market Challenge in all schools
  • Offer incentives to students who choose to do post-secondary in the province
  • Increase entertainment opportunities
  • Add free benefits such as dental coverage, prescriptions and vision care
  • Increase wages to match those in other provinces
  • Create new tax breaks


Keeping Tradespeople in New Brunswick

by Alexander Doucette and David Pickford from Miramichi Valley High School

Their Real World Solutions to keep Tradespeople in New Brunswick are:

  • Establish an apprenticeship incentive grant program
  • Establish a retention bonus program
  • Create a tax credit
  • Create one or more incentive programs to encourage trades
  • Reinstate the Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Apprenticeship Incentives - Canadian Apprenticeship Service (CAS) Program

Job Expo

by Ireland Greene, Csheryl Pantig and Brynne Somers from Miramichi Valley High School

Their Real World Solution to keep youth in New Brunswick is:

  • Launch a Job Expo for students to explore all possible career opportunities in the province; students could also sign up to attend a job of their choosing for a day
  • Help youth discover the myriad of opportunities in the province!


New Brunswick's Solutions

by Yaniv Tunin and Jacob Reid from Riverview High School

Their Real World Solutions to keep youth in New Brunswick are:

  • Listen to these students and future workers
  • Provide more affordable housing
  • Increase jobs and salaries
  • More education opportunities
  • More industrialization
  • Lower taxes

Breaking News - Teachers Need Change

by Cameron Gilbert and Gabriel Jesso

Their Real World Solution to keep teachers in New Brunswick is:

  • We need change, we need to offer more benefits to teachers so they choose to stay in New Brunswick

Wrapping Up the Real World Challenge

Have you completed any or all of the Real World Challenge with your students this semester? If so, we would truly appreciate you taking some time to provide your feedback about your Real World Challenge experience. 

The Real World Challenge was created as a response to a growing need for career education integrated throughout the curriculum. The Real World Labour Market Challenges allow students to see themselves outside of the classroom, to understand their role in the labour market, and use labour market information to inform career decision-making.