Who We Are

Real World LMI is a collaborative initiative from the Government of New Brunswick and the Canadian Career Development Foundation

Created as a response to a growing need for career education integrated throughout the curriculum. The Real World Labour Market Challenges allow students to see themselves outside of the classroom, to understand their role in the labour market, and use labour market information to inform career decision-making.


At the corner of the classroom and your community stand impeccable educators, dedicated to keeping their students and neighbourhood prepared for their futures.

Join a Community of Educators

Across New Brunswick, teachers are taking up the Real World Labour Market Challenge and implementing project-based learning in their classrooms. By completing the three modules, using any of the provided lesson plans, and engaging students to get Career Connected, you will be joining a community of forward-thinking educators.

Involve Your Students in their Career

Students who are connected with their own career development are individuals better prepared to help themselves and support their communities. Individuals who understand the interdisciplinary nature of career development are better poised to take on real world challenges. By introducing students with the skills to understand and use labour market information they jump-start their success, and increase their community contribution. 

Connect with Real World Community Challenges

When students leave their classroom environment, they begin to participate and contribute to their communities. Project-based learning offers students a new lens and new vocabulary to see and experience their community in action. Ignite curiosity and exploration and open doors to opportunity with Career Connected Learning.

Suggested Timeline


Registration Opens

Commit to take the Real World Labour Market Challenge by contacting us. The project team will support you, and you will be welcomed to join a community of practice.

Complete the Career Connected Learning Modules

These professional learning modules are designed to support educators in preparing learners for the future. Three Career Connected Learning modules are required to participate in the Real World Labour Market Challenge, and are essential to the success of the provided lesson plans, and your classroom projects.

Use and Deliver your Lesson Plans

Use any of the provided lesson plans, or adapt your own to problem-solve using Labour Market Information (LMI) sourced from the Government of New Brunswick or student's own research.

Put Together Your Final Project

Using PowerPoint, Video, blog post, or Microsoft Sway, your classroom can put together their LMI-based solutions to share with each other. A minimum of one final project that addresses any or all of the challenges must be submitted to the project team at GNB to receive additional classroom funds for your wrap-up party.

Celebrate Together

The solutions to the Real World Labour Market Challenges that your classroom addresses will be awesome! Wrap up the challenge with your classroom, receive funding for a class pizza party, and have students complete a survey to share with GNB and CCDF their experience. Their feedback will directly inform future Challenges!

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