Is Your Project Wrapping Up?

Your students have identified their challenge, researched the labour market, and are close to presenting their solutions. Awesome! Now what?

The last step of this project includes two surveys: one for you, and one for your students. These surveys are so important to the longevity of this project.

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Step One

Overseeing the final products/projects

You can submit your final classroom's project and challenge solutions any way your students would like! No matter what the final product/project looks like as part of their research, take a photo! Make a video! Send action shots of learning! Send a link to a map of community resources, or a document of researched suggestions for businesses to incorporate to promote diversity and change! Whatever your students come up with, in whatever format, we want to see and celebrate it!


Contact Becca if you need help brainstorming ideas. She's always glad to jump on a call.

You have:

  • Completed the Career Connected Modules
  • Delivered the adapted, and/or as-is lesson plans
  • Connected your students to Labour Market Information sources
  • Led your students to explore, prototype or implement one or more of their potential solutions.


Step Two

Complete the Educator and Student Surveys

After you've submitted your class' project(s), we invite you to please complete the educator survey documenting your experience with the project, and share the student survey with your students.

While we value the feedback of educators to ensure that the Real World Labour Market Challenges project runs smoothly for everyone, we are especially interested in the student responses to the surveys. We are looking forward to hearing feedback from your students about how to improve the challenges going forward, and the valuable skills, tools, and knowledge that they gained from their participation.

Suggested Timeline


Registration Opens

Commit to take the Real World Labour Market Challenge by contacting us. The project team will support you, and you will be welcomed to join a community of practice.

Complete the Career Connected Learning Modules

These professional learning modules are designed to support educators in preparing learners for the future. Three Career Connected Learning modules are required to participate in the Real World Labour Market Challenge, and are essential to the success of the provided lesson plans, and your classroom projects.

Use and Deliver your Lesson Plans

Use any of the provided lesson plans, or adapt your own to problem-solve using Labour Market Information (LMI) sourced from the Government of New Brunswick or student's own research.

Put Together Your Final Project

Using PowerPoint, Video, blog post, or Microsoft Sway, your classroom can put together their LMI-based solutions to share with each other. A minimum of one final project that addresses any or all of the challenges must be submitted to the project team at GNB to receive additional classroom funds for your wrap-up party.

Celebrate Together

The solutions to the Real World Labour Market Challenges that your classroom addresses will be awesome! Wrap up the challenge with your classroom, and have students complete a survey to share with GNB and CCDF their experience to keep the Challenges going year after year. Their feedback will directly inform future Challenges!

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