Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up the Real World Challenge

Your students have explored the challenge, researched the labour market, and have presented their solution to their class. Amazing! Now what?

It's time to submit solutions so we can celebrate students brilliant pitches and new found understanding of labour market information!

The final step in wrapping up the challenge is completing two short surveys: one for you, and one for your students. These surveys are so important to the longevity of this project.

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You have:

  • Delivered workshops, handouts, activities and extension activities with your students  
  • Had group and class discussions about the challenge, labour market information and their career exploration
  • Watched your students' Real World Solution Presentations 


Now it's time to wrap things up and celebrate your students incredible solutions!

Submit Solutions

Thank you for your participation in the Real World LMI Challenge this semester! Teachers are invited to share their students' Real World Solutions so that they can be posted on the website.

Would you like to submit your students' solutions to be celebrated by the Real World Challenge community?

  • Record a video of them presenting their solution pitch or provide their written solution with their names and group pictures
  • Get your participating students to fill out the required Release Form to permit us to post their solutions publicly
  • Reach out to Emily Worthen (e.worthen@ccdf.ca) and she will provide information on how to submit the solutions and release forms

Complete Surveys

Student Survey

We are especially interested in the student responses to the surveys. These surveys have been streamlined; they will only take 3-5 minutes to complete. 

Students can complete them individually or collectively, as a class. 

To complete it individually you can send students the direct link to the survey. 

If it would be easier to complete it as a class together please download the Class Survey Word Document, fill it in as they answer collectively, and submit the document to Emily Worthen via email (e.worthen@ccdf.ca).

Teacher Survey

We are eager to learn from your experience with the challenge. 

Please complete the educator survey documenting your Real World Challenge experience. Whether you implemented the whole challenge, parts of it, or considered it and decided not to, we value your feedback!

If you would prefer to meet with Emily for 15-30 minutes to share your feedback in a recorded Teams call that is also an option!

Please provide feedback in the way that makes the most sense for you. We truly appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences in implementing the challenge. 

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